What is Zen Cooking?

Gaia Cooking

Zen CookingAs those familiar with Dogen’s Instructions to the Tensho understand, the cook is thought about to be the most essential person in the monastery due to the fact that he is responsible for the well-being of all the various other monks. Like Dogen, Roshi Tetsugen Glassman believes that one of the most helpful metaphors for life is what takes place in the kitchen. Certainly, Zen masters call a life that is lived completely and entirely, with nothing kept back, „the supreme meal.“ So the „menu“ of Glassman’s brand-new book, which explains his vision and his work, is divided into the five main „courses“ or facets of life: spirituality, understanding, source of income, social activity, and community.

When [13th-century Zen master] Dogen asked the Zen cook in the Chinese temple why he didn’t have his assistants do the tough work of drying mushrooms in the hot sun, the cook…

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